Monday, February 02, 2009

Hi - I feel I have not blogged properly for the last week.
Neither do I often fill in my status box in Facebook.
When I am busy I let things slip
and yet blogging is pretty high priority for me.

So it is late night with a cup of peppermint tea whilst catching up on the tv news.
And it is snowing outside with the forecast saying there will be more of it.
It will be funny seeing Zig going out in the morning.

I will post a few pics here - just a few from recent days but cannot click the news and reflections - not enough time

I have a week of diversity. At one time I blogged about feeling vulnerable. That means I paused from interactions, activities, reading, writing and Mac-surf-ing, to feel what was going on deep in my inside of me. I like being in contact with the me inside. I believe, and am committed to saying how I really am - and not just the happy fun things. As you may know, I believe that we are cultured into hiding away. Hiding vulnerability and fragility. We have all been hurt and bruised. But, a bit like 24 with Jack Bauer never stopping to go to the toilet in 24 hours, these vulnerability moments never seem to happen when we blog or Facebook status.
We have a million different feelings in a day, 24 hours!, and I like being able to be in touch with them.

I have been with many beautiful humans this week. Some doing great and others travelling through tough times. I feel with them all. I would not like the day when I no longer spend time with those who are hurting - or hating.

"Hating people
is like burning your own house down
to get rid of a rat"
Harry Fosdick

I find that the people who are very much in need, damaged, bruised in different ways ...... often hate others so much. The hate that comes out, the language, the waste of emotion ........

I often say to people that this is doing you more damage than you may ever guess. That festering inside of evil against another seems to me to me like a festering cancer. (this reminds me of the newspaper called 'the daily mail') We are responsible for you own behaviour not the behaviour of others. We can help others. We can work with them. But we cannot control another.

"Man must evolve for all human conflict
a method which rejects revenge,
aggression and retaliation.
The foundation for such a method is love"
Martin Luther King

I spend time with people. I want to. I must do.
So many are damaged.
Can you imagine a person in front of me, racked to the soul in sobs.
Broken damaged and battered over 20 years and hurting like hell before my eyes. Sobbing blocking the words from stumbling out of the lips. Body doubled as if in severe physical pain. I guess that emotional pain was WAS also in the physical.
At the same time, another person was howling accusations and blame with fury.
Persons of pain, in conflict and no pity in view. I felt deep hurt that this was unfolding in front of me.

Life rolls on, does it not, and you have only a very thin slice of a cake presented to you ........ to feel.

You are beautiful.