Friday, February 20, 2009

U2 in the earbuds yesterday
solid 4 hours commute.

Now listening to Beatspoke.
French I think.

Today working at home.
First w/e at home for ages.
Used the car today.
First time for ages.

Are facts boring?
Not as interesting as Feelings eh?

Being made redundant triggers feelings
"You made me feel ....."
It just wrong a wrong statement - the feelings are ours
they don't belong to others
they are ours - just triggered.

A few things happening in Wilson Mansions
and the souls of the humans there.
Some are blogable
others not appropriate.

Have 21 new albums to listen to today.
My sort of music too.
And brought about 20 from Norway.
My Mac recorded 20 hours of DJ Radio while I was away.
Love this stuff
keeps my soul breathing.
What feeds your soul?
Have you heard of Parker Palmer?

Joan is cooking a new style meal.
She creates new stuff every week.

I love