Saturday, July 20, 2013

.....Because life is love and love is life.

We sat in my favourite London Cafe and sipped a coffee. Alise had come over from Norway for a few days to see the big smoke with her family.

We met in the cafe and I met her Mum and sister before they shot off to leave us time in a precious 121 hour.

We had only met in a sessions of mine amongst 130 students in Norway but we had connected emotionally and it was great to have the chance to meet up. 

This was a preplanned 121 and divine time.
She caught me up with her story - she like you and me had a story well worth telling - and always ongoing. She has had a unique life. Inner one. Outer/visible to the eye one too.
So have you.

She is brave enough to live that life and work at it. That means digging into all those bits around 'growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.'

We connect in a place called beautiful.
We are both keen to discover become and live beautiful 
(my Greenbelt session will be about that in August - be there!)

We had already shared 121 messages through facebook but now it was precious time. We may never ever meet again but the shared experiences we have had will be lasting.

Alise is writing. Reflecting.
She allows me to share this one (and more coming I hope!)

Love is a mystery so is life.
You care about someone, or, you care about life.
You don`t want to miss a second of love.
You don`t want to miss a second of life.
Because life is love and love is life.
Nothing more, nothing less.

23.11.2010 By Alise E