Tuesday, July 09, 2013

If we bottle up feelings.

Listen up. 
Important stuff 
all coming out of my experience 
this is where I have got to. 

If we bottle up feelings, 
something we need to talk about, 
something always on our mind or 
it has not been thought-out or talked out, 
we need to let it out in a managed way. 
Not wait till it exploded or 
bursts out inappropriately. 

If we let it  fester. 
If we think it will just go away. 
If we don't realise it is draining our emotional energy 
which could be used for positive use -
WE DAMAGE ourselves. 

I truly believe we need to seek out someone to talk to 
and open up to. 
Someone we trust and 
who can handle the delicate human who we all are. 

I believe we all need to do this. 
We are not odd. 
Not weak - because vulnerability is 
a strength not a weakness. 
Please don't waste your one precious life 
by not taking the tough decision to talk. 
It could be your greatest step in your life journey.