Sunday, July 07, 2013

Pip Wilson catchup. Including Rugby League, the other Rugby and Tennis!

It seems ages since I deliberately sat down and reflected on this here blog. 
Recently I have just been impacted by things and I have banged them up on here because..........
......... I am liking these things, impacting my soul.

Murray has just started in the Wimbledon final 
so I have stepped a few feet away into my office to do stuff. 
This is the first 'do'.

I am not a popularist when it comes to TV or radio. 
I never watch the big hit TV programmes such as X Factor or that dancing one. 
British got talent neither. Soaps? - never watch.
I don't deliberately opt out of stuff. 
I just have my own leisure interests and they don't always collide with 
the tastes of Mrs Beautiful 
who IS watching the tennis - as she does football, cricket, most sports - 
I am proud of here - the only 'sportsman' indoors I say.

We do hold hands with our Rugby League following. 
Especially our team The Saints from St Helens our birth town.
There is a game on today so we will both listen to it live and 
Mrs Beautiful will mute the sound on TV Tennis - jolly good sport she is!

I din't watch the Lions beat Australia yesterday. 
I was at a Greenbelt Board meeting. 
The last before the forthcoming festival.
( Get the you beautiful person - it is a great life giving experience )

But I never watch Rugby Union. 
I used to play it when I got to old for Rugby League. 
I worked at a factory called Vulcan 
and we had about 5 RU teams - and I played regularly in the 2nd team for years. 
+ Injury lay-offs of course.
The RU code ............... I have bad feelings about it because 
when Rugby League broke away from the Union it/we/the players were persecuted. 
Oppressed. Bullied.
RL started because, in working class communities, an injury to the players meant 
they had no money coming in to pay the bills. 
The Union game was amateur like Wimbledon used to be. 
The RL people started to pay the part time players to help the escape poverty. 
But the Union guys looked down on 'proffesssional players and banned them from RU grounds, 
clubhouse, playing amateur RU and many more. 
When a player was signed for a RL team he was ostracised from the community. 
It often applied to Welsh RU player who went professional RL. 
I still feel it in my guts and I am not Mandela.
It still stays alive in my guts. 
So my singular protest is not to watch Rugby Union. 
I think it is an ugly game to watch. 
The ball goes missing under a maul, kickers win the games instead of try scorers 
because there is too many points awarded for kicks - so it is like the Church of England - 
STUCK in tradition and unwilling to change the rules to make the game more interesting for spectators.

So here I am feeling these things and looking forward to my team winning via radio today. 
We have had a bad run. 
The worst I can remember in terms of winning. 
We are 8th in the Super League. Bad - not good.

I have been busy so neglecting this page and also my ram jammed inbox.
I had 140 emails in there when I returned from Canada - April. 140 +  when I returned from Ireland/and later Norway - and even though I chip away at them daily - I still can't get below a 100! 

But on of the big things has ben the launch of - 
this is great and I hope you will visit- please.
It is like iTunes for Blob Tree Tools. 
It has loads of Blob Tools to instantly download. 
It is a feast of resources for people who work with people. 
Please visit and better still............
share it's presence with all you know.

Feeling wise I am OK. 
I had a bad week after Norway because I pulled my back. 
Then got twinges of gout in my foot coupled with real lack of energy. 
The gout thing is largely manageable but when I get it is drains me too.
Otherwise I have been good in health and motivation. 
I just love the work I do with humans. 
It feeds me in ever way. 
My thinking - Pipology, creativity, writing and general life giving.

I have on big week away, in Dorset I think, 
on a specialist conference organised by the Adlerian Society. 
They have invited me to lead workshops ever day of the week - and 
I know zilch about Alfred Adler. 
But I love the challenge. 
Love the people work. 
Love the learning. 
I will be a changed man!

Then it is Greenbelt.
If you can get there 
I would love to meet up and have a mint tea together - be imperfect together?
Please make the festival known if you know of us. 
Don't keep it to yourself. 
Ask others to join you at Greenbelt ...................
it will disturb your comfortable and 
comfort your disturbed.

See you there.