Friday, July 19, 2013

Life is a story you can`t stop Reading.

In the course of my work
I call it LOVING people
I meet beautiful humans.

I always encourage people to write
write their feelings
write their reflections
write their lives.

It brings out the art in them
In brings out the summary
the essential
It undresses the soul.

Humans are different when they write.
Reflect on life.
It becomes a beautiful journey.
Even the wounds
Even the hurts on top of the wounds
are eased and understood
rather than hidden and buried inside - 
but buried alive.

Some give me permission to publish their creativity here.
I am privileged.
There will be another one or two to follow sometime.

LIFE...Life is a story you can`t stop Reading.
A book you can`t put Down,
a book you can`t take your eyes off.
A masquerade mask you can hide behind,
and be whoever you want to be.
Life is a caterpillar that turns in to a butterfly.
Flying high on the sky.
A feather shows you how light and how heavy life can be.
A pencil can show you how many colours there can be in life.
And the art, and beauty, which comes with life and turn in to a story. 
That turns in to a beautiful book.
The clock is controlling 
Our time, but I wont let it control mine.
The mysteries in life is life itself.

 by Alise Ellevset 
( i was 16 years old)