Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A FUn developmental activity with a BLOB TREE TOOL.

This what a page looks like on the new BLOB SHOP / www.blobtree.com

It's hot in the UK at the moment so a good activity is this::
Show the Blob Tool to a group at work/school/factory/club 
(You can download this from blob tree.com )

Some suggested questions
1   Which Blob is you when you go to a pool?
2   Why choose this one?
3   Imaging you are at a beach and answer this question::

*   What do you do at the beach?
A   Do you stand on the beach looking around and feeling good?
B   You walk down to the sea and dip your toe in to feel the temperature first?
C   Do you slowly wade into the sea getting used to the cold before swimming?
D   Do you rush straight into the sea and just go for it?

Everyone answer this question and......

Ask everyone in turn if the way they swim reflects how they live life?
Their life in terms of work/studies/tasks/food/relationships?
Do you
Dive in to things? Take things slowly/cautiously ? Take the temperature before speaking/involving? etc.

Probe the answers. Have fun.
Some will have exactly the same behaviour on the beach - others not.
Great discussion.

There are many more BLOB TREE tools available HERE www.blobtree.com
Try the SEARCH  and find a Blob Tool to suit what you need right now.