Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Love the Humans but not always the Facebook comments and Quotes.

The statement above appears on Facebook often as does simmer one saying the same thing.
I really don't LIKE this.

So I have made some comments which I feel passionate about::

There are lots of facebook 'off the peg' stuff similar to this one and I don't agree because ::
1: If we only spend time with/hover around the positive humans who is going to love and be helping friends with others? 
2: If we the get together with just the people like us it is almost like racist stuff - social exclusion 
3: I believe that famous quote 'Love your enemies' and if we avoid people who struggle with life we are treating them like enemies. 
4: I have learned more from people who are different than me, violent, offenders, homeless, rejected, neglected - and they inspire me most because so many have had bad experiences of adults as children and need positive role models.......

.... and I like the verse 
"Seek the SHALOM of the city where I have sent you because in it's Shalom you will find your own Shalom' 

I feel so passionate about this stuff as you can tell - as I do saying