Monday, February 24, 2014

THE SAINTS Rugby League - love it love it ! TRIES VIDEO.

I always feel in a minority being an avid supporter of Rugby League - especially living in the south.
BUT the Rugby League general interest and passion is made real as a supporter of THE SAINT - St Helens Rugby League who I have followed since being a child.
My blood speeds around my body - full of Red Vee's.
I love every tackle in the game.
I love the speed and the physicality.
AND I love them when the don't or do win.
So far this season we have won two out of two tough games.

HERE is a clip chowing all the tries in Fridays game - WE WON.
Mrs Beautiful and I watch all the games on TV and listen on the radio if not on TV.
Have a view of this I LOVE IT LOVE IT!