Thursday, April 23, 2020

Don't know about you but .. My feelings are changing during the lockdown days/weeks.

Don't know about you but ..
My feelings are changing during the lockdown days/weeks.

It's important to share them with your nearest.
MrsBeautiful and me do that.
Not only in lockdown but in all-time 

NOT suggesting an outburst
Not suggesting to letting them build up - 
until there is a regrettable outburst.
Feelings need to be shared not exploded.
We need to feel them
Dig it to them
strive to understand them
and especially to share them
ideally with some dialogue exchange which helps
in these acts of self disclosure.

"We become fully conscious only of what 
we are able to express to someone else. 
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it, 
but it must remain vague so long as it is unformulated”
Paul Tournier 
from 'The Meaning of Persons’

That is my favourite Group-work quote
which also applies to relationships
and our own emotional well-being
If we don't have a human close,
Emotionally / relationally close,
we need to set up a little 'Level Five' gathering.
A 121 will be good - maybe the easiest for some people.
But it is vital we have a least on person who we can L5 with.
(Level Five = L5 is often explained in my website - just do a search there)

It maybe that you are feeling a bit 'off'!
Different than the normal you.
We need to dig into these feelings
the best way is to 'word' them = talk about them.
Usually we don't know what to say
but the act of sharing helps the articulating.

You will have examples of your inner churning within you.
Usually not clear.
Just a jumble of mixed thoughts and emotions!

SPILL my friend - put the effort in - it will be 
special in the long run - not just a 'today'  issue!!

The next best thing to talking stuff out is::
To write it out.
Even if no-one ever reads it
Even if you don't read it
It is a great method of BECOMING 
all that you want to become.