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This is about the best description of THE ROLLING MAGAZINE ever - by a Norwegian journalist.

Mr. Beautiful 
and the teenagers

Saturday night had something special to offer for the teenagers at the «vintertreff» at Hareid, Norway.
British Pip Wilson got the youth to participate in all kinds of activities, dances and conversations, and gave them a show filled with warmth and love.
In the hall just outside the «stage room» at Hareidhallen, members of TenSing Norway were lined up behind a table, getting the kids to stamp their fingerprint onto a sheet of paper on their way in. 
Inside, the room was starting to fill up. 
The title «Rolling Magazine» lit the large canvas at the stage.

- Hellicopter!
As Pip himself entered the stage, and the music started, a loud roar was heard amongst the audience. 
He opened the night with a heartfelt 
«You are beautiful!», 
and explained that during the night, 
he would shout «Hellicopter!» several times. 
The kids in the audience were then to stretch their arms out to the sides, and spin around, just like a hellicopter. After this, he gave a demonstration along with TenSing Norway. 
TenSing Norway functioned as examples for the audience during the entire rolling magazine – 
instructed by Pip Wilson. DJ Torgrim Grimstad complemented the activity - in the audience and on stage - with catchy pop music.

- Hello beautiful person!
After getting warmed up by TenSing Norway and their wild rhythms  audience members were selected by them to come up on stage. 
It was «game nr. 1-time».
Having gotten the first little group of nervous audience members up on stage, Pip got each and everyone of them by turn, to come up to the microphone with him. 
He then asked them their name, and where they were from.
- Hello beautiful Ulrik! 
Roared the audience as one of them said his name. 
He was applauded by screaming kids from his own TenSing choir, as he told the audience where he came from. 
This went on until all the audience members on stage were well introduced, and TenSing Norway helped them back into the sea of kids on the floor. 
They then went back stage, to fetch the game 1- equipment. - Water balloons.
- Watch out, so that you don't get eggs all over you or something, one of the TenSing-members warned the journalist. 
This somehow told us that perhaps some might not be leaving in the exact same state of which they arrived.
Water balloons, custard and blue oatmeal
During one of the games, the audience members on stage, had to put on very big knickers from London. 
These were to be stuffed full of balloons, until the knickers were completely bloated and ready to burst. 
Pip would then casually stroll around, needle in hand, and pop the balloons as the audience counted. 
The one with the most balloons in their undergarments, were declared winners of game nr. 1. 
A bittersweet victory perhaps, as some of the balloons turned out to be filled with water.
Most of the games included equipment like vanilla custard, water, balloons, chairs and unknown amounts of liquid goo, all in strong colours. 
A lot of the kids showed certain signs of this by the time the rolling magazine was over.
Rolling magazine
The rolling magazine can be explained as a «rolling» show, filled with games, dancing, and conversation, all to help the kids get closer to one another and to their feelings. 
It sends a message that it is OK to be vulnerable. 
And this is exactly what Pip showed us. 
He communicated enormous amounts of warmth onto the audience, and allowed them to get in touch with both each other and themselves. 
He managed to make this incredibly fun for everyone. For example, he asked them what type of colour each and everyone of them thought they were.
- I am a bright, fluorescent red, he explained, - 
With cracks of yellow where all the vulnerable bits are.

Pip Wilson – humanitarian.
Mid show, Pip sat down on stage, asking the entire audience do exactly the same, spread out on the floor. He then told us about his work, what he does and loves to do.

I meet with young offenders with a challenging lives and we have a chat about them and what they do. 
Others will tell me that they've stolen something. 
I ask them heaps of questions, 
but I never point my finger at them. 
I always speak with open palms, Pip told us.
- I love you. 
Even if you stab me, 
I love you! 
He insisted. 
He believes that one should look past bad behaviour and see people for who they really are. 
Respect them for who they are, 
not what they do, 
and understand that «their behaviour» and «them» are two different things..

Hugs and kisses, bumps and bruises
Many of the games and dances promoted closer contact amongst the kids in the audience. Hugs and hand-shakes were shared enthusiastically, but also miniature bumps and bruises, as some of the kids fell or tumbled over on each other.
- Form circles, sit down on the lap belonging to the person behind you, and dance! Pip announced, and about a third of the entire audience tumbled over on the floor. Then the night continued, with games dancing and talking, as the energy amongst the audience grew larger and larger.

Colorful showers, and an incredibly loud ending
The Rolling magazine ”rolled” towards the ending, and the last game was announced. Something that looked like a giant shower was hauled up on stage. The last group of volunteers from the audience were given balloons, and an order to blow until it burst. The volunteer that burst his or her balloon last, had to step into the ”shower”. 
The first ”loser” was a girl, and she got a bucket of water poured over her. 
The next one – a boy this time - had a seemingly refreshing custard - shower, whereas the third and last volunteer to lose, was honoured by a bucket of red paint, followed by a big bag of feathers.
The audience both laughed and empathized with the losers all at the same time. 
Pip himself bounced around the stage, 
full of energy. 
He never seemed to run out.
As the Rolling Magazine finally came to an end, 
Pip was given a pair of knit mittens. Red, white and blue - the colours of the Norwegian flag. 
The mittens were enthusiastically appreciated, followed by an applause that made people have to cover their ears.

This article in the local press Beautifully composed by a then trainee journalist who is now a great friend 

Thank you Mone
A GREAT great friend.

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