Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This is the cover of my 3rd book published:: 1991.

This was my third book published.
Harper Collins 1991.

From the Foreword::

Watching Human People Grow 

Youth Workers and people workers around the world are always looking for new ideas which they can keep /on tap" or /on shelf to use appropriately. 


Because we are into seeing human people grow. 
Because we desire to see humans open up like flowers do to the sun. 

Everything I know to be good and have tried and unperfected, 
I have squeezed into this book. 
It is a collection of tools, ideas, ice breakers, stories, games and miscellaneous resources for youth workers, teachers, group workers, church workers, organisers of parties, camps, house-parties, training conferences and weekends. 
There is basic fun stuff plus loads of communication tools to take groups of beautiful humans into even more beautiful experiences. 

It is still available from me
£10 - including postage 

More books forthcoming .............