Monday, April 13, 2020

Two photos of the Queen Mum - in the WAR years and when I gave her a guided tour in East London

Here we have two photographs.

When the Queen Mother visited bomb sites in London during the second world war.
She was an inspirational figure.
Standing strong alongside the stammering King.
He struggled with his speech - bless him.
(What do you struggle with? - I have a few)

She was active and 'present' in the nation 
when we were in trouble as a Nation.
I recently watched a TV programme just about her 
& her active life out there, in the second world war,
in all parts of the UK.

Presence & Availability
is the essence of LOVE

The second photograph was when I met her.
She came to Londons East End to open our new Youth Centre. London E16 - Canning Town.
This was 1980.
I had the job of steering around the building 
with dozens of kids in tow.

She wanted to play snooker on our full size table.
I have photos, often posted in magazines, of her
taking a few shots for the camera.

One amusing concern I had was::
She gave her handbag to one young boy to hold while she potted.
(I was watching the little guy like a hawk -
I was scared of him doing a runner ................. !)

She was great - speaking to everyone - and there were many!

A few years later, maybe 20?
I had lunch with her daughter- our current Queen - 
but that is another story ........