Monday, April 27, 2020

I was 15 when it all started.

I have worked with young beautiful humans 
since I was one - a teenager that is!
I was 15 when it all started.
I didn't know I was a beautiful human then !
It was later when I discovered -  until I was 40 before I discovered I was a BHP.
Thats when I started to say 'you are beautiful' - 
to you ..........

From factory industrial work and voluntary work in the evening and week-ends 
I went to work residentially FULL TIME 
with young offenders BHP's.
It was a 'we' decision.
MrsBeautiful & me.
WE had only been married for one year and 
we sold up and took a big step of faith
burning bridges (only non-people bridges)

And then we lived worked loved tried failed along the way as we moved to different mission callings by the wag of a little finger and ............
.......... and inner stirrings of he soul.

I could write a book about these things ...........