Saturday, April 25, 2020

I write to tell me where I am. ........ this is about AWARENESS & SKILLS.

We all live in a Bubble.

I do
You do

It's not possible for me to burst your Bubble
I have spent  a life time trying to burst my Bubble

But now I have stopped trying burst your
I have a different strategy = it is
Helping others to 
* see * feel * know * 
their own Bubble
Helping humans to burst their own

I need to be in a 'helping relationship' to do that.
I need to first, and continuously, to accept the BHP's with whatever Bubble they are in.

"Everyone we meet is fighting a battle ('bubble') 
we know nothing about"

Otherwise I am no use to anyone.

I never give advice.
I do tell stories about my own 
Bubble bursting journey.
My Failures........ my awareness of some of my weaknesses.
The attempted ones and ones I have managed.

Stories include the journey into awareness
which can lead me to the place where I am.

Awareness always has to precede SKILL. 
Life Skills. 
Emotional awareness, 
spiritual awareness 
ALL helping in signposting life-skills.

I write to tell me where I am.
My 'Pip incomplete' list.
From that 'position statement', 
so to speak, 
I can decide where to make adjustments.

Very soon I will be one year old.
(I have decided to cancel 
the other 8 0 years) - so I will start again
Becoming ................
Refreshing my irritation at who I am
to step forward
BECOMING all I can become .....

To be in a helping relationship
with myself
others !