Friday, April 17, 2020

Funny - I have Movies to watch Books to read but I want to DO THINGS - LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS

Funny - I have movies to watch
Books to read
but I want to do things.
create something
open my heart
dip in
pull out anything that sparked me.

I feed off my photos.
My iPhone allows me to::
go to a 
a town / city
season &
ANY place where I have been around the world.

Up pops humans
(I don't take scenery pix - only humans)
I also receive  words that come with the photos 
(I have over 50,000 pix).

I also I have collection of words
offered by people from my 
experiential training courses +
my mission/work during my many years employed
and my latest 17 years, working freelance, - 
love it still.

I collect affirmations - we all need them.
Maybe you have sent me a few words?
I keep them
sometimes I share
Lots don't - re confidentiality / sensitive.

I write on my 
(I would love you to follow me
by leaving your email in my 
SUBSCRIBE Box - top right on my www.)

I can also search back through these online pages
(and so can you)
back in time to year 2003.

It all takes me to inner places.
Soul Stuff
Emotion Detective stuff.

These searches and current interactions
face to face and online
SWEEP away cobwebs from my soul.

So we are in Lockdown here at Wilson Mansions.
5 weeks now since we decided to retreat from 
humans in the flesh
(one week earlier before the UK Government 
called brought in Social Distancing for us all.)

I want to write.
I want to keep publishing.
(There is a big one coming up soon - worldwide)

So I love keeping in touch with you.
Not face to face  - but all will pass
and we can touch each other again.
Boy! have I missed that.

If you have read the above how about:-
Considering writing something which I can 
post on my www - or 
just to help me personally in my soul searching.