Thursday, September 10, 2020

'I am not loved because I am ugly.'

It is always true that some BHP’s 
have not experienced love.
If parents have not known love, 
not loved their child, 
failed to love, 
been unable to love - 
that leaves a child so damaged.
'I am not loved because I am ugly.'
'I feel a deep rejection within me.'

It is like abuse  - it lingers on through life.
It is also re-enforced by other humans 
who are not able to love someone 
because of their behaviour.
That builds up into a lack of confidence 
and low self esteem.
I have worked with humans all my life 
who are incredible talented educated people 
but also have such a poor 'feel' about themselves.
That's why I started saying, some 40 years ago 

"You are a beautiful human person".