Wednesday, September 09, 2020

I ask you a question HERE -+ three examples from others

I asked a Question
to everyone who collides with my website - and the following feedback is amazing - read below::

*Could you give me the title of one of the chapters in the book of your life story?
AND WHyou have chosen this chapter and this title?*

Becoming Questions - 
Three of the ANSWERS I received HERE ::

The night my mum passed away is the most traumatic thing I have ever had to face. 
Being on my own with her when she suffered a massive brain haemorrhage was horrific. 
I came home at 4 in the morning to an empty house and laid on top of my mothers bed where it happened denying that God exists. 
I cried myself to sleep. About an hour later I awoke to find a small bright light hovering above my chest. I said hello and gently closed my eyes again. I suddenly felt this great warmth wrap me in my duvet as if someone was cuddling me. I went to sleep. When I woke the next morning I was still lying on top of the bed on top of the bed clothes. My faith suddenly returned. 
I think the chapter would be called  
'laughed out of the interview' 
all about my initial application to work at e'merge (Youth Work Project), when one of the young people on the panel nearly had to be removed because the sight of me in my suit was so amusing... 
(Fair enough really). 
It's an interesting story about believing in yourself though, which I'm not naturally amazing at but my time at e: went on to teach me much much more. 
Having worries about even applying for a job who's advert said 99%of people wouldn't be up to the task, given the level of commitment many had towards challenging communities, I was already feeling insecure, but actually the interview with the yp ultimately went really well. However, I didn't actually get the job, but on the advice of my lovely college tutor I rang and said as I'd been impressed could I come and do a placement - another move that was not characteristically me, especially given I'd already been turned down once.....
Anyway, long story short a few days into the placement I was offered a permanent job at emerge, and there began 9 amazing years of inspiring and being inspired! 
The extra smile in the story is that the young person who got the giggles basically got my job when I moved on last year and is still doing amazing things himself now....
And there began my greatest lesson in believing in myself and helping others to do likewise!
Thanks again mate, this has been really helpful at a moment when I'm on the brink of something new again!
The title of  the chapter is Awakening, because One of the most life affirming/saving events of my life was when I went through a an awakening process that completely changed the direction/trajectory of my life and everything  that I have in my life to be grateful for, material and non material stemmed from that event.
It Sprung to mind as soon as I read the question so I chose it.
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