Tuesday, September 22, 2020

When did you become an Adult ?


I ask Questions ::
When did you become an Adult ?
why and when?

One answer here::

I think I have a confusing answer to this one!! 

In some ways I’ve been an adult since I was about 8 years old. 

I had to look after myself for significant periods of time, get myself to and from places like school etc. 

My mother is very much a child in an adult’s body, and I have had to look after most of my needs as a child as she was just not able to. 

I think I have always been the adult in my family, as neither of my parents were available to be that person, so I learned quickly how to be independent, look after myself and look after others.
At other times, I still wonder if I am an adult now? 

I’m 40, but there are still so many times when I just don’t feel like I’ve grown up at all! I struggle so much with relationships and being level headed, that I feel like I can still act like a difficult teenager! 

I can still throw an almighty strop when my buttons are pushed and act out or be moody! 
When I think about it, I suppose in some ways I had to grow up so fast, to be the adult I needed, that in other ways I haven’t grown up at all, because I didn’t really have the chance to do so as a child, and it’s hard to go through different development stages you should already have done, when you are chronologically an adult and people expect certain behaviours from you!
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I appreciate humans answering questions


I believe that it is a massive help for the person to dig, reflect, write .....

ALL  a Learning Experience.