Saturday, September 26, 2020

Can I ask you a question?

My question is relating to the 5 BLOBS above.
The one we find the hardest to LOVE.

Think of a a person who is bruised.
Someone who is going through a rough time.
pick one of the Blobs above 
which illustrates best 
how that person FEELS?
If you touch the screen physically - 
it makes more/greater impact on you.

Did you do it?
If you did that
you more of a 'Participant'
than an  'Audience'
Pick which BLOB which  is you  right now - 
the nearest to your  FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.
TOUCH IT ...................

The Blobs help many people to identify their feelings.
Even young children who are not emotionally literate.
They can point/touch and OWN their feelings.
ALL GOOD this is for me.
Feelings are signals and nothing to be afraid of.
I had a big signal this morning.
I need to dig into it.
Put a name to the feeling and decide why
I have that feeling.
They are mine and I will not run away

Now one last exercise.
Read the quote below
then touch the Blob above
which is nearest this BHP.
Doing this develops empathy.
AND that is great in my book.

"My father 
always made me know I was fat.
I could never make him love me.
I decided nobody would love me 
unless I was perfect.
I felt ugly, 
as if I was falling down a dark hole."
Jane Fonda

Thank you - join me on the journey
of becoming ...........
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You are beautiful 

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