Monday, September 21, 2020

ONE CHANGE amongst many .............. stumbling


I had no faith until I was 21.
I just lived like everyone else.
Isn't that what we do - be the same as everyone around you?

Faith in God gave me faith in life.
One of the big shifts
was to decide to give up
not to strive to gain.
I decided that to be in touch with my poverty,
an interior thing /

a journey into the unknown self.

My faith has stumbled.
Funny is I find the stumbling times are the
learning times/growing times/change times.

A big change was when I stopped being me/me
and became me/we.

My charismatic upfront leadership had to crumble
I could not cope in the work with gangs and violence and loving
so I turned into a team worker - TEAM Leader

WE became the strategy
and in team - we all grow.

I have never lost faith since being 21.
I mess up
I wrong wrong wrong and stumble
but I feel accepted - in the mess that I am.

"SHIFT happens”