Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I have been challenged - by me ....

continuing ........&...... reflecting on the above::
MrsBeautiful tells me my GIFTS are::

My three are::
Warmth - people tell me I have humans warmth.
Authenticity - being real.
Vulnerability - I believe it is a strength not a weakness.

Now I need to transpose these into life now.
Better - 
I believe I work with/at these now BUT
The challenge is to change/develop/learn//live beyond the NOW.

If these are reasonably true
the task I have given myself is to give them away.
Focus on them.
Pass them on.
I do this in my Experiential Training days & 121's.
Maybe by writing too?
More-so in these lockdown days.

This idea, seems to me, I have a lifetimes work ahead!!