Monday, February 08, 2021

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am


Hey - how are you?
OK thanks
All right thanks

So traditional & cultural yet shallow, cliche.

'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am
because if I tell you who I am
and you don't like who I am,
that is all I have.'

(Title of my favourite book of all time.)

So I have a striving imperfection commitment to tell you who I am 

I am aware that that is odd.
I am odd.
'Different' is a nicer word.
Unique is a most beautiful, best, description.
But, I will not argue with 'odd'.

We all have times when we feel vulnerable.
We don't choose them.
They happen.
This emotional literacy I keep clicking about, going on about,
is all about how to handle such times.
And many other feelings too.

One time recently,
I felt vulnerable - well - a lot more than than once.
I recently saw a little video clip of myself.
I have not had that experience for some time.
(I have a good face for radio - but a bad voice).
I felt vulnerable because I looked really so old.
I was surprised.
I don't feel like that human I saw.
Yet that human was me!

AND I am aware of my bad education, I can't spell, I have a lack of general knowledge.

I bet you have those feelings too sometimes?
I know I am not on my own.

I share my vulnerability here with you.
One step on is not only expecting vulnerable feelings/situations,
and striving to manage them, but
choosing to be vulnerable.

Yes choosing to be in vulnerable situations.
Not to be a sad-o. Not to be a sadist. Not to be self persecuting -
but for the benefit of others and self.

If we all network with those just like us.
If we all drink and eat in our social strata -
we are all like sheep without a Shepherd.

Seems to me.

BHP & BUT::-