Tuesday, February 09, 2021

If we have a mission or purpose, we have a chosen direction .................

 If you are a regular in this place you will know that I repeat often::

'Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable'.

The principle is -
if we have a mission or purpose,
we have a chosen direction.
That is always imperfection in my experience.
There are always fumbling and stumbling.
Always mistakes.
Always changes to direction
Always learning
Always learning from mistakes
Always tough times - but
we still have a greater purpose than just surfing.
Surfing life.
Surfing every issue to just get the best out of it for self.

All this is linked to Spiritual Literacy - being in tune with a greater spiritual influence
All this is linked to Emotional Literacy - being a student of understanding emotions and learning to manage them.
All this is linked to Behavioural Literacy - being able respond with positive personal behaviour, managing feelings, rather than being controlled by them.

How are you?
I bet some humans will not click this way again ..............

If you have got feelings right now
(we have them all the time I believe)
What are those feelings?
What are you planning to do with them?
Another glass of wine?
Reach for the remote?
Jump to another blog?
Tweet a bit?

It seems to me,
me - this odd human here,
that what we do with the triggers and hooks that we bump in to in life,
all depends on what kind of human we have decided to become.

I think I need others who are stumblers with me.
Maybe on a different route.
Maybe ahead of me on the road,
Maybe limping behind ............
but all of us on a journey and connecting.
Residing together on a journey.
I feel I need you.
Certainly want you.

If we don't like a person -
we can still love them.
(Usually it is their behaviour we don't like)

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