Friday, February 26, 2021

Inner City Youth Work

The strategy is to programme in taking a group of teens outside their comfort zones. EXPERIENTIAL 
This then becomes a leveller where we all need each other. 
This one - years later I get an email & a reflection regarding a visit to a remote ex farmhouse. A dry farm. The water table was no longer +
No electricity 
No water on tap. 
Outside civilisation. 
No street lights. 
Total blackness at night. 

So years later I receive a reflection::

I asked a question to Rob::
What experience you had re Mayflower is the one you remember most?
This would take a 600 page book to honestly answer, in short Profound life changing a positive life experience that would go on to effect the rest of my life, my faith my family .....
My world.

I remember all of it, with Cristal clear vision, and I owe the Mayflower, you and all the staff.
More than you could ever know.
If you were to force me to pick a memory this would be it ............ 

I was feeling very down my father had just had to have an eye removed due to cancer (he went on to make a full recovery) and 
.... my parents marriage wasn’t going to last to much longer, 
I was 14 angry rebellious and scared.
And to add to this I had to go to club tonight and tell you that I couldn’t go on the trip to Wales as my parents couldn’t afford it. 
You on hearing this was your normal reassuring 
Self, and boomed don’t worry Jesus loves ya,
2 days later a Mayflower staff member went to my house and told my Mum my trip had been payed for anonymously. ( I never found out who)

On that trip we’re the usual suspects (Ren Slug Tallman two of the Neale brothers etc)
One night I was up alone down stairs unable to sleep, and all the staff had to be on their toes as the lads kept raiding the tuck shop.
As a city boy, I had never been anywhere so dark and so quiet, you and some of the staff
Had been outside on some kind of walking ramble in the dark as you came back I feel that you became aware
Of how scared I was, although I would never admit cause I was a Sniper.
You said "look out the window Rob look at all them stars Rob you're never really alone."

I don’t know if you remember it Pip but those few word were so reassuring I’ve never forgotten.


Good afternoon Pip,