Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Reflecting on Lockdown life at Wilson Mansions ............

 Here I am.

Lockdown like you are.

Alongside that I am working daily at living with cancer. The meds - increasingly needing to be more powerful, sleep & sleepless plus fatigue which is only one of a few side effects.

Otherwise life goes on. A walk a day and built in shopping (I have never been in a shop for a year other than the pharmacy  -   '1 in 1 out' shop!) The walking plan is waiting for spring and warmer weather to enable more exercise.

Moreso is the chance/hope of seeing family together especially our two grandaughters (5 and 10) - last time they did a drive by - I cried ......... some feelings can't be articulated enough.

5am out of bed this morning to start the 8 a day pain killer tablets. Normal life now - to time table life around the meds schedule. I drink loads and loads of water. I don't touch alcohol at all now. I used to have a glass of red if we were out for a meal - but never done either for a pandemic year!

Other aspects of life rolled on. No gigs which I miss madly - the preparation, working with teams of teachers, therapists, youth-workers, student teachers, and various groupings internationally - all experiential learning - I love it. Feeds me!!

Close behind the above number one is my meeting 121 in my Central London 'Cafe-shop home' (now disappeared - off the map via covid damage)

I write every day. I promote the Blob Tree resources online & reflect on life via my BLOG.

Then there is my ever so bursting email inbox .......... AND in the last couple of days I have had two surprising cold contact' out of the blue. 

1:: someone interested in tapping my crime and gangs experiences. Right up my street as I have had to work and live through such experiences -  you will know about this if you have read my books 'Gutter Feelings' 'Backstreets of Heaven' and others.

2:: A young lad who I lived/worked with who is now in his 60's - never heard from him since 1967 = 54 years.

I can't tell you more - respecting confidentiality. 

More tomorrow and ever after ........