Monday, November 19, 2012

Israeli citizens write to Binyamin Netanyahu.

The letter is addressed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak, and was written by members of the Other Voice group - Israeli citizens who live in towns close to the border with Gaza, who have established links with the people of Gaza.

We, members of the villages and townships in the Gaza enveloping region call on the Israeli

government to stop mucking around with our lives and immediately enter into diplomatic and
political contacts with the Hamas Government!! We are sick and tired of being sitting ducks
who serve political interests.

Rockets from there and bombardments from here do not protect us. We have played around with those games of the
use of force and war for long enough. And both sides have paid, and are continuing to pay, a high price of loss and
suffering. The time has to come to endeavour to reach long-term understandings which will enable civilians on both
sides of the border to live a normal life.

We'd be most appreciative if everyone were to share this message throughout the Internet.

Members of the Other Voice group

The Other voice group is composed of residents of Sderot and other places in the Gaza enveloping region who have maintained a continuous link with Gaza residents of the Gaza Strip. The group advances neighbourly and communicative relationships throughout the South and the entire land.