Monday, November 12, 2012

A youth worker who became a true friend.

This book is a true honest and open communication between a prisoner coming to terms with his demons and a youth worker who became a true friend.

“I do not regret what has been written though it is quite hard for me to read back. The fact remains that prison destroyed the man I was but also made me the man I am now. I didn’t choose to be in prison but I made the choice to risk going there, never realising truly what I would lose. It has taken fifteen months since my release to type up these letters. I remember each and every one. The emotions take me back to where I was at that time. It has been a hard journey but one which had to be survived. 
What I wish to pass on to the reader is a true open account of the unwrapping of my soul to the only man who ever made me feel free to do so. Through my communication with Pip I developed and through myself I became beautiful.”

Bobby Hossain