Thursday, November 15, 2012


Two of these books I am reading - as you do on your iPhone, one more I would love for Christmas. Daughter alert ALERT!


I never know who reads me here.
I have no ways of telling.
I don't feel it matters or if it influences me either way.
BUT I do reach out to feel with you in your life.
How you touch poverty within others.
How you touch poverty within yourself.
('Life is Difficult' - the first 3 words in the book 'The road less travelled')
I am with you if you are feeling alone or bruised.
And if you you have adequate loving support - inter dependence around and within.
I share myself/journeying.
Feelings - hoping it helps.
I have to reflect
I need to reflect to get stuff out of my system.
Internal dialogue is better coming out
rather than swirling within.

And now I am back in my office at Wilson Mansions
I refer to my little red notebook which is my mobile reflecting tool::
I see the words saying I felt FLAT.
I have been waking a lot at 4am and that's not like me.
I turned to my 
which I ask people and some respond L5-ly - others duck .......
It's good to Google our lives - a sort of evaluation or situational analysis.
(Did I ever tell you I introduced the Queen to this when we had lunch together one day?)

My 5 on the train this week were
  1. Emotional FLAT
  2. Reflective
  3. Post-energetic
  4. Post-buzzing.
  5. Health?
All these could get a paragraph at least.
Some bhp's dash to do this explanation of each one word summary.
I love that but
just doing the list (outside the head) is really good for the soul.

If you want to - you can send them to me - just 5 Words L5 in 5 !!

I wish I could type ...........