Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pip Wilson Reflection of the week.

I am delighted about the OBAMA election result - for America and The World.

Two significant moments stuck in my mind during that week

1  An American woman being interviewed on TV said something like this:: 
"If people get something for nothing they will want more  and more .....".
(We have such comments from people in the UK often calling them SCROUNGERS)
She was referring to the availability of a health service in the USA and, I guess, and Obama considering people who are at the bottom of the economic ladder - EXAMPLE the poorest.
I was so sad. It lingers. It still lingers in my soul.
I guess she has not close neighbours or friends who are poor. Not know people who are so desperate that they struggle with life and need support. I consider the humans I know who are in such positions, to be the greatest contributors to my life. They give me so much - from their emotional social spiritual economic poverty (ALL or some of those). They give me motivation and hope.
What a hard heart I felt. Heard so much of this in my country/community too. (MORE) And it reminded me of Ghandi when he was asked what the most horrible of his experiences in his troubled life. He answered 'The heard heartedness of the educated'.

2   I heard a pundit saying on the TV that the USA had changed and the nation controlled by the white and Protestant was no longer the status quo. From my distant perch I have shuddered so much at the behaviour and hard heartedness, of the White Conservative Right. People of faith - many who are also fervent evangelical Christians included, who stood alongside the Tea Party humans in taking such a hard hearted stance.
The pundit was saying that the republicans must change because otherwise they will leave the general public behind.
And so must the hard right in the UK.
We are living in a different world and acceptance of diversity is essential.

And to conclude on Obama - he has a tough job ahead as every leader of a nation. God bless him AND
I love it that a man can cry ..................

And I wept this morning when I attended the local Remembrance Ceremony in my town. I wept.
I realised I had not attended one for years. Never since I left my home town in the early 70's.

This one happened after church this morning. The procession led by a band was made up of hundreds of organisations. I was moved especially by seeing the older men marching up the street, some could hardly walk, yet they were marching proud wearing their regimental cap and there deserving medals across their chests. I wept.
And when I arrived at the War Memorial it was packed.
The service was great. Moving. Spiritual. Engaging the community. Hymns sung. Prayers heard. A great sermon from my Vicar - well delivered with a beautiful voice and relevant relevant relevant to today's world + me and us all.

One man in front of me was young - with his partner. Say 30's or early 40's. He had his green beret on. A few medals too. His face was still. Forcing control. I wept.
He sung the hymns. The Lords Prayer. Head bowed.
As it all concluded he walked away from the crowd - on his own - wanting some space I guess - and to weep - like me ..........

And I will end this reflection.
Still with a tear in my eye ......
... loving this photo .....

This is how a beautiful new life looks at her Grandad.
And I love it .....................