Tuesday, November 06, 2012

LEVEL FIVE - the journey explained.

When a person wants to share something 
big and real in their life, 
it is so beautiful when they take the courage. 

But time passes without disclosing ...

Getting to that point ...
To the point of self disclosure
is a hard road. 
A road less travelled. 
But time passes ...

Emotions and thoughts are entwined 
as everything is considered. 
It is natural to not want to share 
because personal issues usually feel like failures. 
Personal, relational, humbling embarrassing, even. 

Time passes by .....

Hours and emotions are used up. 
Maybe not so much thinking, 
but emotions and energy is draining away 
as long as the situation is undisclosed 
and definitly not resolved. 

It is difficult to tell anyone. 
Delay ensures. 
Time and energy used up. 
Some times temporary release is found 
in alcohol/eating/drugs/unhealthy 
relationships - one or many. 

A person on hand is essential at this time. 
A confidential person. 
A listening person. 
Someone not jumping on the advice band wagon. 
Someone who can be a trusted & supportive friend. 

Decision being made, 
now the best time is considered. 
Time can pass by .....
Emotions wasted 
Life on hold ....

The time and place are manuvered   
into place. 
Then it happens. 

Level Five. 
Being level five is when one or more person 
processes their communication and 
sharing towards openness and honesty. 
This included sharing vulnerability. 
Taking the masks off. 
Undressing their souls with another. 

The Levels are::
1.  Cliche 
2.  Facts
3.  Opinions
4.  Feelings
5.  Total Openness. 

Being able to communicate/share at all levels 
means we gave more tools in our life toolbox. 
Being able to share L4 is difficult for many. 
Many are not introduced to feelings 
and the practice of revealing them. 
Many stay in L1 to L3 because, 
beyond that, 
it is felt that we will explode 
or weep and 
also because vulnerability 
is seen as a weakness not a strength. 

Vulnerability is a strength
not a weakness.
It is about being real and honest with another 
- and with self.

Then the courage kicks in.
Or maybe the pain kicks in.
Enough is enough.
I trust this person.
I will take the risk for my own
development, peace of mind,
healthy soul.

It is such a relief to spill.
It is like taking a mask off.
Not pretending anymore.
It is like undressing and not feeling ashamed.
It is like hitting a cross-roads
and deciding to walk towards the light
where the shadows fall behind you.

A new life can begin.
At least one person now can communicate
to the real me
the striving for openness - me.
I like it - you breathe deeply


I always suggest,
not recommend,
that some reflection is done.
If only YOU reads it.
Writing is a condensed situational analysis.
A sort of compilation 
of feelings
and thoughts.
THOUGHTS - for the mind.
FEELINGS - for the soul.

Have a go at completing the reflection section below.
.... and you can send it to me
if YOU decide you want to?

You are beautiful.