Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bono Preaches the Gospel of Social Justice at Georgetown

Last night when I got indoors at Wilson Mansions I discovered Bono was about to give a lecture to students in Georgetown University. So your man started to stream and capture it all in audio via Audio Hijack a most glorious capture software I have used for years.
BINGO I have got it so I can listen to the man on my iPhone DrDre headphones.

Today I have got the FULL text - here is a clip::

 “I would suggest to you that the biggest obstacle in the way right now is extreme poverty. 
Poverty so extreme that it brutalizes, it vandalizes human dignity. 
Poverty so extreme it laughs at the concept of human dignity. 
Poverty so extreme it doubts how far we’ve traveled in our journey of equality; the journey that began with Wilberforce taking on slavery and a journey that will not end until misery and deprivation are in stocks.”