Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Pip Wilson Biography November 2012

Pip Wilson is a fragile beautiful human person 
disguised as an author of 20 books 
(lost count)
about inner city youth work 
with young offenders, east-end youth gangs, teams of BHP's 
but also oozing Games & exercises used worldwide as communication and development tools for life and eternity.
Became an adult aged 40.
Involved and learning intensely from group work 
with YMCA Hostel Residents 
who often have had tough experiences which have resulted in 
leaning heavily on drugs and alcohol excess.
Facilitation of teams, groups, communities who are 
stretching and feeling their resilience
desperate to learn to be affective, grow and survive.
Highly qualified with scars from vivid life experiences.
Committed to personal, social and cosmic development 
outside the comfort zones where growth resides.
(Because a Caterpillar looks nothing like a Butterfly
and that one develops from the other.)
Searches for dissatisfaction,
refreshes irritation daily.
Makes love, not just enjoys love.
Makes peace, not just enjoys peace.
Makes energy to live justly
Loves MrsBeautiful, The Sheilas (Joy Ann)
Family and Enemies  
Level Five Friends,
Damaged friends,
("All my favourite people are broken" 
song by 'Over the Rhine')
Beautiful Humans called 'prisoners' 
Brick Lane Curry friends 
Greenbelt Festival Community
Battered Youth Workers
Humans Worldwide
All recognising the feelings in Blobs
Seeking the SHALOM of the city
and in it's Shalom
is found own