Sunday, November 18, 2012

Under one and first spoken word.

two years ago
Conniepops said her first word ever
(and she is only 3 early February 13)

And the first word she said was 

We have just been away 'sleepover' with our friends in our last hometown.
Surprised I was to find they did not know that our little beautiful non-human was no longer with us.
AND they always buy Ziggy a Christmas present!

This, below, was his last day before Cat heaven -
21st September 2012.

Ziggy, the last day of our BEAUTIFUL NON-HUMANS LIFE.

I cannot remember me ever being so upset and sobbing my heart out. It is because I had to take him to the vet on his last journey
Little Zig - as I call him
Was put to sleep yesterday.

He has been sick regularly over the last two years.
He has been on a special diet since August 28 due to his loss of weight.
Last Sunday I had to take him to the Vet because he had not eaten for three days. He was looking weak and certainly not himself. Inactive.

He came back from the Vet looking terrible.
His sides had been shaved and one leg. It was so sad to see him in that condition. He didn't eat at hime even after all the drips attached to him and antibiotics etc..
The scan diagnosis was unclear because he had so much fluid inside him.
So me and Mrs Beautiful decided yesterday morning that he needed to be put to sleep at his 5pm appointment. He was having no pleasant life and the specialists had said they feared something bad inside him.

It was terrible picking him up yesterday, cradling him in my arms like I have done for 12 years, and him being so weak - without his usual fire.
Every night he has laid back in my arms as I take him to bed in the kitchen. Food down. Water down. Litter clean. Bed comfortable.

The worse was having to do that at 5pm and place him in the cat carry-box, the car - and look at his big questioning eyes through the grill.
The Vet said the fluid tests had been returned and there was evidence of cells which suggested something like cancer or similar. 
She said I was doing the right thing!
And I left him. Paid the bill and held myself in until I got home ...............

Weeping like a baby because it has been 12 years in sharing all our lives with him in two homes. Night and day. 

It was terrible taking him having made the decision. The tests we waited for confirmed the worst and he could not have survived. 
So sad at Wilson Mansions

He has been very much a beautiful non-human family member. The Sheilas and us went to collect him when he was just a little black and white hand full. A couple of the pictures here show him when he was young.
We will miss him because he was always in the routines and behaviour.  Subconsciously thinking about all the time when indoors.

What do we say to the beautiful two and a half year old Conniepops?
The first word she ever said was ZIGGY. She arrives today for the week end as it is her Mums birthday. She loved him. Kisses him. Talks to him.

Her Mum tried to explain this morning at home::
She said 'when we go to Grandma and Grandad's Zig won't be there'
Conniepops said 'has he gone to the shops'?
Mum explained he old and poorly and died and gone to heaven in the sky
and he not coming back and we are all very sad. 
She said 
'don't worry Mummy we will find him!'

Daughter Ann says
Told Conniepops about Ziggy I and tried to explain. 

I said we are all sad and 10 min later she said

"Mummy I need a tissue to wipe Grandma & Grandad's tears then they will be fine tomorrow" 
Bless her

Here is a little add-on to the story 
7th October 2012
Last night Conniepops was being put to bed by her Mum and she said

"Tell me stories about Ziggy." 
So her Mum said
"He's gone to stay with the Angels and he won't be coming back. They will be looking after him now"
She said
"Can we go get him?
Can we get in Grandad's car and see Ziggy and the Angels with Grandma? 
Grandad can get a special seat for Ziggy in the car!!!!"

Bless her cotton socks ages two and a half.