Thursday, November 15, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu

‎"I am responsible for us choosing the right time to exact the heaviest price, and so be it," the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu
It seems like all out war now.
So sad when people can sit down and talk PEACE.
Three people have been killed in southern Israel by rockets fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip, amid escalating violence.

I am reminded of the line which struck me as so relevant when I was in the depths of Inner City Youth work

Those who are 
Rich and powerful pray for PEACE
and those who are
Poor and powerless pray for JUSTICE.

Important facts to keep in mind while reading news coverage of Israel's attack on Gaza:

• Zero Israelis were killed by Palestinian rockets in 2012 before Israel launched "Operation Pillar of Cloud". On the other hand, over 70 Palestinians 
were killed by Israeli F15s, tanks and drones. [1]
• There was a ceasefire which Israel broke by killing Ahmad al-Jabri. Before that, there was another ceasefire which Israel broke when it shot a 13 year old boy playing football. [2]
• The important historical context: most of Gaza's residents are refugees driven out from what is currently Israel. They have also been under Israeli military occupation since 1967 and blockaded since 2007. [3]

[1] UNITED NATIONS Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs occupied Palestinian territory Protection of Civilians Weekly Report, 31 October - 6 November 2012. [PDF] []
[2] BBC News - Gaza: Palestinian boy 'killed by Israeli gunfire' -
[3] BBC News - Gaza crisis: key maps and timeline

More than ever we stand together
Palestinians, Israelis:
we are the people and we want peace
this is not our war

stand with us, send your picture and we will post it with the slogan
"not my war"
we ♥ you

we are all one
and many more...