Thursday, November 15, 2012

Youth Work and being to BECOMING.

Bobby writes from prison::
I ask myself why? 
Why didn’t I have a social worker like you? 
Why didn’t I have a teacher like you?
Why didn’t I have a father like you?
So many angry young children, teenagers, people will feel the same as that only 
if only someone showed them a different beautiful route 
they wouldn’t have the nightmares they do, 
the lack of confidence and the lack of social skills.

Also I have been writing my book ‘Product of my environment’ about my life. 
All truth and nothing held back in the belief that maybe one day someone will read my book 
and stop letting pain and hate consume them before it’s too late. 
We are not ‘Products of our environment’. 
We are all beautiful, individual human beings or as you would say ‘human becomings’.

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