Monday, November 12, 2012

Building a climate of trust and community.

It is great to work with people who have had tough lives 
and have learned so much.
There is hurt there.
There is experience there.
The face shows it as the words struggle out in the context of a group.
This is what I do now.
It is pulling people together and building a climate of trust and....
.... letting the group open up on an issue which they are stretched with.
Not comfortable, but something which stretches their mind and the very depth of their soul.

I spark when I am with humans.
I have been full of admiration amongst young and older people workers who really care.
They open their mouths and wisdom pours out.

It helps if I am respected.
It helps if there is gossip going before me.
Positive word of mouth.
It is good to have fertile ground.
That means I don't have to spend a long time ploughing.
Fertile ground means there is a readiness to enter a learning experience,
a readiness to drop their guard and take risks for their own development - me too.

Some humans have a 'security operation' in place.
The are heavily fortified to fend off any change which may encroach upon them.
Do you have a security operation in place?
Are you open to new experiences?
Are you willing to unfold those arms?
Open your palms?

I think we all have a security operation in place of some degree -
me too!
But being aware and seeking discovery -
wow - what a great place to reside .........

When you have been hurt it is difficult to trust again.
More-so to love again.
My push is to stretch to love.
The theory is that if we separate from people,
not liking one or another or slagging off others,
that destroys the 'community'
(the principle methodology of growth and development)
and also hinders the growth of the person themselves.

Love it, love it, love it.
That very issue of getting to level 5 communication makes my heart sing and 

I believe God rejoices in heaven 

'because such is the kingdom of heaven'.

There are people in the group who really add some great stuff and 
sometimes sit back and think .......... something of God is being made here. 

"Shalom' ........ right relationships
right community
right sensitivity
right openness
right direction toward the kingdom coming in rich and broken lives.

Love, Security, New Experiences and Participation. 

These have always been core principles

and practice in youth work.
All humans need to develop and can do
if they experience these four - and so can we.
I love it love it .......

I don't only work with young adults.

During the past the year I have led training/facilitation for teams such as;
Homeless workers, housing support workers, city corporate, catering, 
youth workers, volunteers, senior managers, students, prison workers and ....
... I am certain I have forgot some. 
The main thing which is identified often before a course 

is the need to build a stronger team ....... I love the challenge!

A Team at it's best is 

a community .......

  • "Community is the place of belonging .... of acceptance......of caring.
  • It is a place of growth in love....... Community leads to openness and acceptance of others.
  • Without community people's hearts close up......"
  • Jean Vanier
  • from 'Community and Growth' (DLT 1989)

In facilitating I find that we need to enter the stages of all participants feeling a sense of security 

- climate of trust you may say. 
That's how hearts warm and become open.
Once that is established there can be steps taken by the team 
which maybe deemed as risks but 

worth it because it is about their own development.

Growth is not possible without risk.
Development does not reside in comfort zones.

Delivery in the workplace will not happen without good working relationships.

It is most wonderful to help to create a safe climate - that's my first task.
Then humans can themselves think and voice the deeper things .........
......... a real place of self discovery ....
....... no 'shoulds' and 'aughts' ...

... and I love it .....

"Community is a safe place precisely because 
no one is attempting to heal or convert you, 
to fix you, to change you. 
Instead, the members accept you as you are. 
You are free to be you. 
And being so free, 
you are free to discard defences, masks, disguises: 
free to seek your own psychological and spiritual health." 
M. Scott Peck

When the climate and sense of security is in place
the work can begin to achieve the objectives of the session, day or conference.

Make something beautiful today.