Thursday, November 25, 2004

Man with a Movie Camera .....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

...... and two Sheilas about 20 years ago, of me - and Joy on the left and Ann on the right .... and she does that camera stuff now for a living ..... well she directs the cams whilst Joy styles for the cams and the man ......... I am more of a still-pic man.

If you see the 'photo' section on my home page - you will see several works of my 'click-art' from the pocket sized pentax with a cracked screen.

There are lots I do not put up there as I take many in my work with beautiful humans with special needs (I have them too!) .... and I don't show you those 7k pics from the last year ....... but I try to share some of the stories .....

Like it is great to speak with a alcoholic who has been off the drink for five days and looks twenty years younger.
Drinking a lot demands we take more vitamin B - I understand - I really don't know how we get them naturally!

I yearn to see steps of wholeness in their lives and yet I am no good unless I get close ..........
- and they let me.
Then the relationship, like all good relationships, can be a helping relationship.
I know at the same time I learn immeasurably myself.
I drink in people for my own benefit too.
I don't think there is any communication between humans, at level four or five, which is not an experience of of development.
My soul is stirred!

.... what stirs you soul ...... ?