Thursday, November 18, 2004

...... I usually say to Joan
"I feel happy"
but this week it did not fall easy on my lips
So I had to delve to see what is going on
who am I at the moment?

I don't feel sad.
I feel more of a foggy haze in the parts of my life were I normally 'feel' that glow - that is usually there - usually for many reasons, as I do not depend on one thing for energy and motivation.

Then I get it .........
I have had a row of week-ends ....... pleasure in most parts but ...... I think I just need to space out a bit and enjoy some personal space rather than enjoy 'being' and 'working' and 'becoming' with others.

So the reflective me THINKS he knows what is going on ...... but do we ever?

Today about 3600 eNewsletters went out from the desk of pipdotcom .......
well via Tomek actually ............
coz he has the brains and the technology.
If you did not get one - it is because you are not on the list which requires a little sign up. You can find it one click down into my home page.

'Seek the shalom of the city
for in it's shalom
you will find
your own