Thursday, November 11, 2004

...BEANS means ...

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..... here I am listening to U2 and prepping for a late-ish night tonight ...... and then into a week-end and I wonder if I will need to take the four big pair of knickers and the eight pair of womens tights ...... often come in handy at a week-end ........... don't let your imagination go too wild now ...... they are games equipment and I will take the 'Rizla Race' equipment - new game which will be a certainty for the week-end.

U2 wise ...... I will be recording all the live stuff on radio one next Tuesday as my Audio Hijack system comes into it's own and does the job of an old fashioned cassette tapex10!
I will then keep the recording for eternity (take to heaven with me! - or I guess - second thoughts ...... the band will be there playing non-stop eh? .......Yahwey)
I will then have it on/off my iPod at anytime I wish hey hey.

Last night I was tired and enjoyed two Czech beers of excellent quality and only one cigar. Too tired to blog - unusual for me ......... I usually cannot stop myself ..... I need to unload - record - reflect.

Yesterday I met with Martin/friend/book advisor/inspiration-originator of great things ..... we met in a Fair Trade Coffee shop in Covent Garden as I travelled home from work.
It is a High quality Fairtrade coffee shop in the Thomas Neal Centre, Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LD from 10am to 7pm daily. By name Progreso.
Note this in you 'always with you note book'.

All Progreso coffees are certified Fairtrade and organic as well as approved by the Rainforest Alliance, which protects wildlife and natural resources.
I had one with a flavour ....... hmmm.
First and foremost, Progreso serves fantastic speciality coffee in an honest and soulful environment. It is indoors in a well amongst some trendy shops.
If you prefer there are Organic teas and Fairtrade fruit smoothies as well as pastries, sandwiches, soup, cold drinks, Fairtrade chocolate and yogurt with Fairtrade honey.
Why not give it a whirl if you are ever in the London Town? I could bumb into you because it will become ........ a regular meeting place. Because ......
..........Coffee growers are suffering through prices that have fallen 70 per cent since 1997. Millions of farmers have had their livelihoods destroyed but Fairtrade offers a solution. Certified Fairtrade coffee is already the fastest growing segment of the UK coffee market with consumers purchasing 2306 tonnes from shops and supermarkets in 2003. Progreso pricing is competitive. A regular latte or cappuccino is £1.90 and a single espresso costs £1.20.

Still cannot remember the flavour I had .......

My boots are on and feel a bit heavy after a summer of trainers ......

Yesterday, lastly, I created another new activity using an M&S scoop from a muesli box.
The group was fantastic and the debate and level 5 sharing of the soul was moving and life stretching/changing.
I will try to get these stubby fingers to type it out for you ........

..... thanx for being there AND ......... remember it is good that you are being there but better to be ............. 'becoming' there! :-)