Monday, November 22, 2004

- shell shocked -

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

... better do my blog before midnight ........ and you will know that I want to tell you who I am..... always...

I don't take medication ..... non of the blood pressure tabs that many of my peers need to take. All seems well other than my right eye is usually crying. I have a blanket sort of thing which swings around in that eye which the specialist says is a jelly type thing which will drop off eventually. I has been taking it's time!

The last few days I have had a tweak of a head ache ....... not a lot - just a little dig ...... and now a cold sore on my lip ...... and I have felt a bit drained ...... only pumping adrenaline when I went to see Jill Scott at the Brixton Academy on Saturday with the beautiful Janet and Charlie hmmm.
Think ..... with my feeble mind ..... that I have overdone it and my body is in catch up.
The glory of God is a person fully alive - and I have tripped over the bucket .... I am ok thanx ..... feeling brighter since Sunday lunch which was tonight, Monday, ....... daughter joy had just flown in today from Miami and fling out Thursday to S Africa so we grabbed the chance to dine at theirs tonight ....... AND IT WAS GOOD!

because I have missed a day of blogging - not often I miss - you agree? ..... I have much to tell you but my right eye leaks - I need a good night for the energy for the morrow ....... but excited because today was U2 day - the new album arrive ..... so get it if you have not already - it is such a great wondrous thing .......

The pic above from one of my favourite photographers - is of a war torn/shell shocked soldier ........ I feel for them ......

More from me soon ...... bless you big ...