Thursday, December 19, 2013



Tonight there was a howling wind on the seafront which caused the angel of hut 403 to flap and dance in the most energetic way.

Local artist Duncan Banks chose to create a Rejoicing angel in the hut composed from his own paintings, including some silhouettes, and wings made from polythene and bubble wrap.

The wind was a very strong on the seafront and it very quickly shook the wings loose making the angel look as though it was trying to fly.  Unfortunately this also meant that there was a good deal of ongoing repair work throughout the hour that the hut was open.

The face of the angel looked down enigmatically with a kind of serene peace that was in contrast with the wings dancing around it.

Duncan creates a variety of types of art and exhibits at the Seven Dials gallery as well as taking part in the artists Open Houses.  You