Monday, December 09, 2013

So many people in pain.

So many people in pain. 
Having my dinner and a conversation 

begins where the tears run down the persons face
and the other fluid 
runs out of the nose and mingles into one.
One flow of brokeness and 
sadness and 

Sobs which shake the body. 
"you are loved when you are down 
as much as when you are up" 
I say.
No food is desired. 
A cup of tea and then to three.
Then the breathing eases and 
the time spent is clearly valuable and 
precious like this beautiful human is. 

This three foot between us, 
the most valuable space on the planet. 
This eye contact through the tears ....
.... magnifying the love at a point of massive need.

God bless I feel.
God loves I feel.