Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Transactional Analysis in the Loveology and Pipology of life.

I love TA
I use TA
Transactional analysis
Diagram of concepts in transactional analysis, based on cover of Eric Berne's 1964 book Games People Play.
Transactional analysis (TA to its adherents), is an integrative approach to the theory of psychology and psychotherapy. It is described as integrative because it has elements of psychoanalytichumanist and cognitiveapproaches. TA was first developed by Canadian-born US psychiatrist Eric Berne, starting in the late 1950s.

It was the late 70's when I was introduced to TA.
Ever since then I have used it.
Internally to sort myself out.
Externally in discussions, couching and problem solving with others.
Also as a module in the training/facilitation I do regularly.
More to come ...... just off to lunch.

I am back now. Where was I ............
TA is and has been for all these years, great in terms of connecting feelings with the observation of the behaviour in others and myself. 
It is a tool which sticks in my brain due to those three circles. 
Images work in my brain better than words words words. 
They are not just good enough in a stand alone sense.

A bit more about TA::

This is a slide from my module when I facilitate. 
With basic facts about TA are methods to enable people to get the concept but then practice. 
I use movie clips to engage people in observing PAC behaviour. I have a great clip from East Enders which is rammed with PAC transactions.
Blob Tree Tools are great for spotting PAC non- verbal communication.
I use Blob Tree Tools to get people reading the human behaviour and all non-verbal transactions as being able to read PAC is foundational. 
BUT the first skill is feeling the feelings because - it is then we move from just getting on with life to being alert to the transactions going on around us.
FEELINGS, Behaviour and Thoughts are all triggers to the understanding of TA. 
Then there is how we transact. Our behaviour, tone of voice, non-verbal communication can be vital in being in a helping relationship with others.

The most vital situation for people workers like myself, is when it is about to kick off. 
I am talking about aggression and violence.
Many of the people I have worked with over the years face daily CONFLICT SITUATIONS when their own transactions can make a situation worse OR calm it down.

There is great synergy between the skills and awareness around the above. TA drives 'assertive' transactions and is never aggressive or submissive. Basically because it doesn't help.

I have wondrous stories of how people have used TA in the homes/families, on public transport, in Youth Projects and how it has even penetrated cultural norms to change behaviour which is deeply entrenched.

If you study the faces of the group above. EVERYONE is focused and engaged. ALL because this stuff is important to the whole of life. To relationships. To whole person development. 
Peace and love - SHALOM in Pipology.

Here is a VIDEO of TA being used in a School.

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