Wednesday, December 04, 2013

When we feel hurt from put-downs or disregard

It is easy to be
negative back
when we are feeling hurt
or put-down
or disregarded.

I feel that too sometimes.
Mine comes in phases.
I often think bad of someone
then think/feel opposite.

I always aim to turn the negative.
It needs practice.
Thinking Negative
Then switch - 
what would be a positive about that human?

All negative words, glances,
facial expressions
ALL come out of our interior.

I feel the hurts.
I want to feel everything
but turn my negative
into a positive spirit.

If someone has delivered
some form of communication
which I feel - and it hurts.
I note they are my feelings - 
not theirs.
They have been triggered
by another.
So I wonder how they are feeling.
I believe that an obnoxious person
is a hurting person.

Feelings are never wrong or right.
They are signals.
Our behaviour can be
right or wrong
Good or bad.

If we have decided how we will behave
that then is the way we communicate - live.
If we respond bitterly to bitter communication
we have handed over our behaviour to another.

The trouble is - 
Feelings travel to the brain
four times quicker than thoughts.
we need to train our brain
to do what we have decided
NOT copy someone else's style/weaknesses.

As for me::
I have decided
to make my life
an act of LOVE.

Pip Wilson.