Monday, December 30, 2013

Model emotional intelligence.

Hello you beautiful human. 

Think one word to describe your FEELINGS at the moment. 
Say the word out loud.
It makes it more real.
(or if someone is within earshot - write down - but
it needs to be concrete - not just a fleeting thought!!)

Often I ask a human 'what are you feeling right now?'
I usually get as an answer::
1 A description of what they are thinking - but communicated with feelings.
2 An opinion - answered with some feeling.
I don't usually get - a feeling, a word describing how they are feeling.

Working it out with a group ..........
My delight! - with some coaching and encouragement -
I start to receive feeling words.
I have used activities and eventually I receive a feeling words from each one and I am absolutely delighted. 

This can be a major step - a great step into awareness and skill.
It can help equip us - and young humans for years ahead.
They can reflect on their feelings, articulate them and then decide how to communicate from a position of emotional intelligence rather than emotions being in control.

If we are in leadership or a Parent -
we model behaviour and,
more importantly, 
model Emotional Intelligence.