Saturday, December 14, 2013

Communication in a developmental group work situation.

I have feelings and want to share 
About level five with the group  
Had five to start with, 
humans that is. 
Then it grew in number 

as we went through the level five from bottom to top. 
It is really tough on the leader and also the members 
when a climate of self revelation is kicking in and 
then comes the invasion of others into the group 
who are not synchronized 
with the feelings of others. 

I always go on about the level five stuff. 
If you are new to it all 
it is about the five levels of communication. 
I have blob drawings so people 
can say where they are and stuff. 
I will click through them again:- 
Please start reading from level one 
and climb up NOW 

level five;- total openness 
level four;- feelings 
level three;- opinions 
level two;- facts 
level one;- cliché 

The idea is to stretch ourselves 
to build relationships 
by being authentic in communication. 
If we stay down the bottom end, 
communication and life itself - is boring. 
( of course we are all at the facts 
and opinions level sometimes - 
but to stay there 
bbbbrrrrrrrrr so cold) 

Feelings, sharing them, 
is the start of level five communication. 
I believe we get more 
and give more in that very place. 

We, the group, walked through the levels 
from top to bottom 
and everyone shared about themselves;- 
a cliché about me and my communication 
a fact about myself 
an opinion I hold about myself 
a feeling I have about myself 
a new, 
not yet shared with this group, 
openness statement about self. 

wow wow - electric stuff ............. try it
by starting to be open
vulnerable with another
or a group ..................