Friday, March 11, 2016

2 books of biography - Gutter Feelings in the Backstreets of Heaven.

The words below are about my life
in two books.

I have been active in publishing since 1975
when my first was published.
Now about 45 have been published.
BUT I have never written a book.
I have just reflected and written life down
as it was worked at - lived out.
Daily notes.
Daily late night pouring on paper - or online now.
My experiences
My life
My errors
My mistakes
My style of life I wished I never  lived/worded/expressed
My vulnerability
My joys
My encounters
My discovery of emotions, numbing them, discovering them, faith, stumbling, becoming ....

There are chunks of my life - looking back
when I behaved / lived in a way that I disagree with now.
Basically I failed to LOVE.

I always tried my best (MrsBeautiful reminds me)
AND these books tell stories of living with violence, 
beautiful humans, gangs, offenders
all beautiful humans discovering life like you and me .........
and failing in life like me - uniquely of course!

If you are interested in my life lived
 - such a long journey to date !
These are books which are about my total life.
I doubt I will publish another biographical one.

Follow the links for more detail.
Get them and read if you do that sort of thing?

Thanx for reading so far - you are beautiful.
I feel privileged ..........
The Backstreets of Heaven
my latest, just released and 
it's my LAST book.
Please consider spreading the news
View preview here

  • By Michael Davis
    Gutter Feelings by Pip Wilson This biography is compelling reading. In an engagingly intimate style, the author traces his life from his roots in Lancashire to and through a career spent in full-time service to young people. Life changes dramatically for the author and his wife as he engages with often disadvantaged and disaffected adolescents. Frequently, situations are provocative and intimidating. But, in many potentially explosive confrontations, patience, understanding and goodwill win through. Young people are encouraged to believe in themselves and in the potential of leading fulfilling lives. There are many moving moments, illustrating both the frailty and courage of human beings. Throughout the book, one becomes increasingly aware of the author’s fundamental belief in the ultimate goodness in people, arising, one feels, from an uncomplicated but deep- rooted faith, something which also enables him to accomplish so much in his chosen vocation. I commend this book to you. It is the story of an unassuming man of quiet but incalculable courage and dedication. It is truly a story of faith in action! 
    Michael Davis