Monday, March 21, 2016

Emotions like being strangled this week - in the way of Shalom.

Lots of Passion this week.

I will enter words of passion
and troubles on this page.
I feel emotional this week - already.
I want to.
It's important to me.

I don't like violence.
Yet I train people to manage it - 
whilst valuing people committed to it -
or kicking off in some way.

I have known many people in my life 
who did violence for 
fun / satisfaction.

Violence this week is in the way of Shalom.
Emotions like being strangled this week - 
in the way of Shalom.
Back stabbing, backing-out of belonging
happening this week.
Sacrificing freedom for security.

Isolation, breaking of relationships,
dysfunction amongst the men.
They seemed to like the attention
and prestige - until the going
gets tough - then they backed off.
Leaving your mate to die.
Doing a runner was more important.
Sacrificing freedom for security.

There is another chapter forthcoming.

When it was all finished
the rocks shook
the earth moved
flashes in the sky
curtains ripped down the middle - 
something symbolic happening here.
Because ............
Sacrificing security for freedom.

Little attention given to them.
Status = possessions.
Little better than animals.
They hung out
sticked together
wanting to be practical
and faithful.
They did stuff others didn't.
Sacrificing security for freedom.