Saturday, March 12, 2016

Which Blob feels like you today?

Which Blob who feels most like you do 
as you step on into your Eas+er? 

Which Blob feels like you today?

Which one as you consider 
the last meal you had with friends? 

Which Blob - in which hand, 
do you feel like as you turn your mind 
to Good Friday - 
the events that lead up to 
the decision to 'crucify him' ........ 
Draw a heart upon the palm of your hand with a pen, 
feel it as you consider it - 
do it, 
and ask God to help to guide you to the 
being you would like to be - and becoming. 

Can you say out-loud 
"I will become an agent of Love"

Take an old fashioned pen and 
with hand writing on paper - 
reflect with a few words - 
starting with feelings 
but ending in a fumbling stumbling 
inadequate prayer. 
It will flow from your soul 
to pen.